Coaches and Stringers

Tennis coaches and stringers are especially close to our hearts because they usually know a lot about strings. That's why players usually trust you blindly when it comes to choosing the right string. This was also shown to us by a study we did together with the EBC University Düsseldorf.

We supply coaches and stringers directly, because not all of our articles are offered by specialised dealers. We offer different strings in almost 200 different variations (material, profile, colour, diameter, length). In addition, there are various basic grips and overgrips. 

Coaches and stringers receive a discount on strings and grip tapes, which varies depending on the product. Just ask for the price list (e-mail: or phone: 0 28 34 - 46 29 626) and see the advantage. 

We are happy to refer coaches and stringers outside Germany to our partners in the respective country. But here too, if an MSV product is not available from our partner (or for other reasons), you are of course welcome to order directly from us.

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