Coaches, Stringers and Academies

This is a small selection of the more than 8000 coaches, stringers and tennis academies, which use MSV tennis strings, MSV grips, MSV TennisPointer or MSV tennis ball machines:



Tommy Honold

Coach for ATP and ITF players (e.g. German premier league club HTC Blau-Weiß Krefeld)

MSV Focus Hex Ultra 1.25 und MSV Overgrips Skin


Jannik Braig und Hans-Peter Straßl

Pro stringer (e.g. for German premier league club HTC Blau-Weiß Krefeld)


Marc Kevin Goellner (ATP High #26) Tennis-Akademie

MSV Pointer


Tennis Academy Wiesbaden

u.a. MSV Focus Hex und MSV Overgrips Cyber Wet


Jordi Pineira (Spain)

Coach of  WTA- und  ITF players

MSV Focus Hex & MSV Overgrips


Oksana Kiriy (Ukraine)

Coach, former #723 WTA Singles and #526 Doubles

MSV Hepta Twist 1.25 & MSV Overgrips









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