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More and more ATP, WTA and ITF tennis players use MSV tennis strings and grips because they are convinced of the high quality (and although most of them are forced by their racquet sponsor to use their strings and grips).

Below is a selection of players who play with MSV tennis strings and grips very successfully.

If you are an Top 800 ATP / WTA / ITF Juniors, player, a Top 250 ITF Seniors player or a Top 10 player in your country/age group and if you are interested in a MSV Sponsorship please download the following Excel file, complete the questionnaire and email it to mauve@msv-tennis.com. Download File 

Players who are not (yet) in the above top rankings might get a special rebate depending on their current ranking.

Players from the US might want to join our Team MSV 'Spin and Win' in the US. Please click here for more details. 

You find all players from the various categories by clicking on the drop down menu.


ATP-/WTA-Rankings Top 500 (Status: Jan 11, 2021):


 Cornelia Lister
   77 Doubles
 MSV Focus Hex Ultra 1,25
 Katarzyna Kawa
 113 Singles
 MSV Focus Hex 1,27
 Scott Puodziunas
 197 Singles
 MSV Hepta Twist 1,25
 Elitsa Kostova
 210 Singles
 MSV Focus Hex 1,18
 Pemra Ozgen
 212 Singles
 MSV Focus Hex Ultra 1,25
 Anastasia  Zakharova              Russia  253 Singles  MSV Focus Hex 1,23
 Anastasia  Gasanova  Russia  292 Singles  MSV Focus Hex 1,27
 Anna Morgina  Russia  306 Singles  MSV Focus Hex Ultra 1,30
 Olivia Nicholls  Great Britain  317 Doubles  MSV Co Ultra 1,25 / MSV PolyNyKing 1,30
 Tamara Curovic
 344 Doubles
 MSV Focus Hex Ultra 1,25
 Vladyslav Orlov
 350 Singles
 MSV Focus Hex Ultra 1,25
 Grigoriy Lomakin  Kasachstan  369 Doubles  MSV Focus Hex Ultra 1,30
 Sandro Ehrat
 376 Singles
 MSV Focus Hex Plus 25 1,25
 Miriam Bulgaru  Romania  377 Singles  MSV Focus Hex 1,23
 Dea Herdzelas  Bosnia Herzegovina  411 Singles  MSV Focus Hex 1,23
 Jason Taylor
 432 Doubles
 MSV Hepta Twist 1,25


ITF-Rankings Top 150 (Status: Jan 11, 2021):

 Regina Balcune
 2 Singles / 6 Doubles ITF W40
 MSV Focus Hex 1.18
 Kresimir Ritz
 46 Singles / 17 Doubles ITF M45
 MSV Focus Hex 1.23
 Stefano Gallo 
 43 Singles ITF M40
 MSV Focus Hex 1,23
 Yelizaveta Karlova
 119 ITF Juniors
 MSV Focus Hex 1,23


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