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9 reasons for MSV Tennis

  1. Premium quality products e.g. tennis strings and grips - highly rated by experts
  2. 92% satisfaction with our best-sellers
  3. More than 3.5 million tennis strings sold
  4. Highly rated by ATP / WTA players as well as by recreational players
  5. 20 years of experience in developing tennis products
  6. Great value for money
  7. Personal customer service and qualified advice
  8. Special rates for stringers and coaches
  9. Easy payment e.g. by PayPal


In the beginning of the company’s history Mauve® Sports-MSV offered everything around playing tennis. Later on we focused on the development and the distribution of high quality tennis strings and grips under the brand name of MSV Tennis.




MSV strings and grips are sold in more than 50 countries around the globe. MSV tennis strings are highly rated by members of the leading tennis string communities and get strong ratings, e.g. from the German tennisMAGAZIN, the European Racquet Stringers Association (ERSA), stringingpedia.com, Aalborg University or from Tennis Warehouse University, USA.  

The bestseller MSV FOCUS® HEX achieves a satisfaction rating of 90+% (source: stringforum.net, February 2020, 405 ratings). More than 2 million stringings were done with this high performance MSV string.

And we are authorized dealer of Sports Tutor Ball Machines. Our technician is specialized in servicing and repairing all Sports Tutor Ball Machines.

Since 2000 we sold a total of more than 1200 tennis ball machines.

In addition to MSV tennis strings, grips and ball machines, we offer products for stringers and coaches. The MSV Tennis Pointer deserves special mention. It is a simple and very effective training tool to significantly improve hitting precision and positional play. It was developed by the Czech coach Jiri Bartos within 2 years and is used by many tennis academies (including Marc Kevin Goellner and Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo), top ATP / WTA players as well as recreational players. In the meantime, there are a number of imitations from China, Russia and Turkey, but they are not made of the same wood and do not offer the same quality of workmanship.

We are supplier of leading tennis retailers like Tennis-Point, Tennis Warehouse Europe and US.  

All MSV products are highly esteemed for the excellent value for money and their great quality.

We are member of the two biggest stringer's associations: European Racquet Stringer's Association (ERSA) und US Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA)



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