Ballmachine Accessories: Lithium Battery (12V/18 Ah) suitable for MSV DirectShot, MSV PlayCoach and Tutor ball machines

Item # 3883

Price: 199,00 €*

Delivery Period about 1-3 business days within Germany, 2-6 business days within Europe, 7-14 business days to Amercia, Africa, Asia or Australia

Lithium Ion Battery als Spare Part
  • Charge time of Lithium battery: only 8 hours
  • Advantages of a Lithium battery compared to a lead battery: 
    • Lifetime (by charge cycle) two to three times higher (same lifetime in years) 
    • No performance issues when charge status below 50% (i.e. trajectories remain constant).
    • No need to recharge the battery after 2 months if the machine is not used. Self-discharing-rate below 3%/month (at approx. 20° C).
    • Lower weight and smaller size
Item # 3883
Provider MSV
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