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Bola Hockeymaschinen sind die No. 1 weltweit.



Balo Batterie

BOLA zählt zu den bekanntesten Marken für Hockeyballmaschinen mit Referenzen in der Deutschen Bundesliga. Sie deckt ein besonders breites Spektrum an Trainingsbedürfnissen an.

Die Maschine wird optional  mit einer 8 A /12 V Batterie geliefert. Eine Batterieladung reicht für bis zu 7 Stunden Betrieb.
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For 2016 the Professional Machine is fitted with 'Brushless Motors' which replace the traditional Brushed Motors which have been used for the past 30 years. The advantages of the brushless motor are better efficiency and reliability, lighter weight, better build quality and longer working life. In practice that means the machine will run longer from a battery charge, is lighter to carry around and has better control response. The new Professional Machine will still feature concave profile moulded urethane ball delivery wheels. Microprocessor based digital speed control with membrane switch panel. Adjustable speed in increments between 15 and 95 mph. Spin, swing and pace bowling with 19 spin and swing settings. Electronic random variation facility with solid state electronic wheel braking. Ball joint complimented by vernier screw adjustment for precision line and length. Operation from 12 volt battery or with optional BOLA Power Supply from 230v mains (or 110v if specified)

Artikelnummer: 3604
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