MSV Focus HEX® Plus 25 Tennis String 200m 1,25mm black

Item # 7085 | Basic price 0,48 € / 1 m2 | Quantity: 200 m

Price: 95,00 €2

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Armfriendly string with enhanced power and spin potential

Ideal for players looking for a powerful and armfriendly string with enhanced spin potential.

25% more elastic vs. MSV Focus Hex®.

Hexagonal shape and strong snap-back effect for great spin potential.

Low string movement.

Results of 1.25mm in a test of tennisMAGAZIN Oct 2013:

  • Overall rating: Good+
  • #1 value for money
  • #1 arm-friendly
  • Above average spin potential

High-performance co-polyester with newly developed additives based on long-standing research.


Item # 7085
Provider MSV
Size of box 200 m
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