MSV GO MAX Tennis String 12m 1,20mm / 17 black

Item # 3671 | Basic price 0,52 € / 1 m2 | Quantity: 12 m

Price: 6,20 €2

Delivery Period about 1-3 business days within Germany, 2-6 business days within Europe, 7-14 business days to Amercia, Africa, Asia or Australia




New high-performance string with excellent balance between control and power.

Ideal for players looking for a very solid and precised co-poly string.

Tested and recommended by independent tennis coaches. Overall rating: 9 points (10-point scale).

Conclusion of an US Racquet Stringers Association playtest in October 2016 (59 playtesters): ‘Our playtesters were most impressed by MSV Go Max’s durability, resistance to movement, control and spin potential, rating it well above average in each of those categories.’

Engineered and made in Germany in one of the most modern production facilities. Made from high quality co-polyester with newly developed additives.

Item # 3671
Provider MSV
Size of box 12 m
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