MSV Overgrip Cyber Wet, 60 / pack, 10 colors, damaged packaging

Item # 2140K | Basic price 1,48 € / 1 piece(s)2 | Quantity: 60 piece(s)

Price: 89,00 €2

Delivery Period 1 - 3 days within Germany, 2 - 7 days within Europe


Very tacky

Colors: grey, red, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, fl. pink, fl. orange & fl. yellow

An ultra tacky overgrip offering smooth and comfortable feel, excellent absorbency and durability.


Length: 105 cm Width: 2.9 cm  Thickness: 0.60 mm

Colors: grey, red, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple, neon pink, neon orange & neon yellow

The MSV Overgrip Cyber Wet is used by ATP und WTA players, e.g. Maverick Banes (#216), Katarzyna Kawa (#187) and Vladyslav Orlov (#293) (ATP/WTA Career High Ranking)

Item # 2140K
Provider MSV
Size of box 60 piece(s)
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