MSV Pointer Junior - Special Edition 290gr incl. grip

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Innovative training tool

Every tennis player can improve his techniques with the MSV Pointer after some trainings hours (ideally as part of the warm-up phase).

The Czech inventor of this device Jiri Bartos coached the #1 U12 Jonáš Forejtek. Meanwhile Jonáš (born 2001) is #1 of the ITF Juniors ranking and won the 2019 US Open Boys.

The MSV Pointer helps you to

  • improve your posture
  • find the precise sweet spot
  • improve your serve
  • and much more

Watch the video of Jonáš Forejtek with the MSV Pointer:


And here is a video of the young Danish talent Louis Valentin

Used among many others by:


Paula and Gian Marco exercise with the mid version which was available for some time with white grips.

Many tennis academies (e.g. run by Mark-Kevin Goellner or Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo) use the MSV pointer as part of their coaching programs.

The Pro version is pretty heavy and only recommended for pro players with strong arm muscles.

Suppliers who speak of the original Tennis Pointer obtain the pointer from us or offer a cheap copy. Mauve® Sports - MSV has the exclusive, worldwide distribution rights.

Please ask for trainer prices with proof.

For customers from the US:  Guts & Glory Tennis:  (Email: or Peter Guterman Sales  Email:


Jiri Bartos’ story about the MSV Pointer he invented - incl. helpful coaching hints:

‚I got the first idea of a device that could help to improve the meeting point at the end of 2011 after a narrowly lost match. My opponent was younger, but not necessarily better. I lost a lot of points by frame hits, also the important ones. You can do a lot for progress in tennis, but when a match is lost because of a frame hit, you feel powerless and angry. I started to think. How am I supposed to learn to hit the balls more often with the sweet spot? The usual advice is always: "Keep your eyes on the ball".

But how should I know that the ball is in the right position before the shot? No other conventional club offers such precise feedback. The striking spot has to be smaller for practice. So I bought the Wilson 85, Federer's former racquet. Its relatively small playing surface gave sufficient feedback, I could clearly feel every unclean hit. Unfortunately I felt a pain in my elbow even after a few minutes. I didn't want to get tennis elbow, so I designed my own wooden rackets with an even smaller playing surface. I went with it to a woodcutter. He was supposed to make a "cooking spoon" afterwards.

With the prototype I tried to hit balls. First with little success, with the time I became better, could place about every second ball into the field. I noticed even clearer progress in spring 2013 when I was allowed to practice against the wall outside. It became clear to me that the TennisPointer works for me. I had 10 more rackets made and offered them to friends, customers and colleagues.

One of them also got Jonas Forejtek, whom I had been training for 7 years, but mostly only in winter. He also competed in skiing, so the whole family spent every skiing season in Spindlermühle. Jonas was very good with the TennisPointer, he was able to play whole rallies with them. Since then we always played a few points with it in the warm-up phase. Jonas had a successful season in 2013, became four times Czech champion, did not lose a set against his Czech opponents of the same age for one year. Even won two international tournaments. I looked after him all year round. He did the best advertising for the TennisPointer. Whenever he won a tournament somewhere, I got orders for new wooden rackets afterwards. Later we parted ways, he went to attend the Waske University in Offenbach, where he prepared himself for a professional career in a very professional environment. I came back to my pupils, who from now on had a great role model.

Every child also got a TennisPointer from me, for the very small ones I had a shorter version made. Because what you learn when you're little... Training with the TennisPointer is visibly fun for the children, even though it is difficult. Most of the time they see it as a challenge, they are happy about every successful stroke. Sometimes I use the wooden racket for technical corrections. Often superfluous or wrong movements lead to imprecise meeting points. I don't need to talk for long, the TennisPointer alone speaks clearly. Also the leg work is promoted, because only if you stand perfectly to the ball, you can catch it properly. I had an interesting experience with the serve. You can noticeably improve it by throwing the ball more precisely. The TennisPointer provides unmistakable feedback and the improvement takes a long time. After 7 years I can draw a conclusion: the TennisPointer works with all strokes, if it is used regularly. It is best to use it as a part of the warm-up program before playing with a conventional racket. If you want to improve a shot you have to increase the intensity, e.g. against a wall or a ball machine. Had no elbow pain for years, maybe because I hit the sweet spot more often. The wooden racket can also contribute to a player's health.’



Item # 9998-290
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