MSV Technora 100 Tennis String 100m 1,10mm natural

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Very thin and durable string made of Aramid (like Kevlar)

Ideal for players looking for an extremely thin and durable Aramid string to be used as main string for a maximum of spin potential.

Premium Technora Aramid fibres (like Kevlar) provide a very high level of strength, control and tension stability.

A very thin diameter of just 1.10mm increases a strong bite into the ball. The high stiffness of the string drives even more a superior spin potential.

Recommended as main string in a hybrid combination with an abrasion-resistant cross string like the multifilament string MSV PolyNyKing or the elastic Co-Poly string MSV Focus Hex Plus 25 (or Plus 38).

Test results of Stringingpedia: 100% Spin, 100% Control, 100% Power, 100% dynamic tension stability (source:




Item # 4007
Provider MSV
Size of box 100 m
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