Sports Tutor Soccer Ball Machine Pro Trainer, Battery

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Top Maschine, die von renommierten Bundesliga Vereinen  genutzt wird.

Helping players build a base for excellence. That’s what Soccer Tutor is all about. It builds skills quickly because players can get hundreds more touches per practice session. Quality touches that only the tirelessly accurate passes and shots from a machine can provide. Now practicing headers and traps is fun instead of frustrating with the consistent passes from Soccer Tutor.

Both Soccer Tutor models can serve rolling, bouncing, driving, or high arching shots at distances up to 40 meters. And both are powered by a rechargeable battery so you don’t need a long extension cord. The battery will last up to two hours on a charge, and can be recharged overnight with the included smart battery charger. Both models serve a regulation size 5 ball and a size 4 ball. To help you get to the field, both models feature a handle and two large caster wheels for easy towing.

Item # 3513
Provider Sports Tutor

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