Tennis Ball Machine MSV PlayTec black, Lithium Battery, Remote, Smart Charger, DC/AC

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MSV is certified agent of Sports Tutor (USA) the largest ball machine manufacturer worldwide since 2000.
Based on this long standing experience we have decided to offer a tennis ball machine as MSV brand, which fulfills our customer wishes still better. We offer therefore the tennis ball machine MSV PlayCoach V 150 since 2017.
From December 2018 we have added a second MSV tennis ball machine. We have given it the name MSV PlayTec. The MSV PlayTec is not identical in construction to other similar looking tennis ball machines on the market. MSV has provided it with essential additional devices that ensure smooth operation.The experience which have been made with the MSV PlayCoach we have incorporated into this new design. This construction is almost perfect.
It is equipped with:
1. Lithium BatteryAdvantages of a lithium battery compared to lead battery, weight only 1,6 Kg, the lead battery 6,0 Kg:

2. 2 – 3 time higher lifetime charge cycles, in other words in total 3.000 charge cycles.
3. No problem when discharge below 50% (the balls remain in its trajectory constant) Lead batteries you can use up to 50%, but Lithium batteries can be used until a consumption of 80% are reached.
    There is no need to charge all two months (as you have to do with lead batteries) when the ball machines is not used.
4. Easy switch between DC battery and AC per switch

5. The ball basket has a capacity of 150 balls, Internal Oscillation (disguises delivery)
6. The battery has an amperage of 12 V / 28,5 A/h.and 307,8 Watt/h. Others have only 120 W/h / 15 A/ h  
7. The play time is in average 7 to 8 hours. 
8. The battery level can be seen on a display on the back side of the machine. The charge time of the lithium battery takes 3-5 hours or less. 
9. The motors of the throwing wheels are controllable by the software.
10.The wheels of the housing are extra-large to have no problem to pull the machine over lawn.
11.The ball feed is controlled by photo electronic sensors to have it stable and reliable. 
12. You can assign to each shot:
13. Different Speeds,
14.Topspin or Back Spin and 
15.  Intervals (with which the shots should be done) 
16.  With the Topspin as well as Back-Spin you can control by yourself the intensity of the spin. 
17. The remote with big display has  buttons for preset programs 
18. As for the shooting of vertical balls (see Annex 20) 
19. Of horizontal balls (see Annex 19) from left to right and vice versa
20. Balls according random (see Annex 18)
21. Cross-Balls (see Annex 11-16) in fact six cross-balls with one keystroke. Only very few machines can perform this
22.The self- programing of the remote shows you the (annex 22). You can program by yourself 28 drills on the court. You can find here in the annex in total 22 diagrams which show the diversity of this machine. 21 drills are preset. With these drills you can hit 53 points on the court.

Tennis Coaches say about the MSV PlayTec:
The machines is Primo „Tennis Coach, who plays tennis already 30 years and who has tested many tennis ball machines.
„The MSV PlayTec is a super machine „Virtually amazing is with which accuracy the ball placement is made. The Lithium battery lasts a very, very long time. I can use the machine some days without charging it. “Tennis Coach Lukas Pour owner of the Tennis School in Brilon, Germany.

Conclusion of "Several players and coaches play-tested the MSV PlayTec for many hours – their opinion: More ball machine is not possible. A running time of up to eight hours and the extremely match-like programming options leave nothing to be desired in tennis!" Source:

Further Details
1.  Internal oscillation (the housing does not move) 
2.  Dimension: L 49,5cm, W 33,0cm H 50,5cm   Packed: L: 67,0cm, W: 49,0cm, H: 57,0cm,
3.  Weight: 26,7  Kg without packing, 30,5 Kg with packing 
4.  Alternatively AC- (220 V or 100-110V) or Lithium-Battery Operation 
5.  (12 V / Ah 28,5) in the same machine, included in the price
6.  Adjustable ball speed: 20 km/h to 140 km/h
7.  Adjustable ball-throwing Interval: between 1,8 and 6 Seconds
8.  Transport per Telescope Trolley on big wheels
9.  Color: black
10. Warranty: 2 years by  Mauve Sports-MSV oHG 
11. Delivery Charges: None within Germany
12. Mauve Sports – MSV oHG distributes exclusively this machine in Germany 
13. In case other online dealer offer this model the delivery and the warranty will take place always by Mauve Sports-MSV.
14. All Spare Parts are available immediately in our store. All repairs will be performed by us, we do this since the year 2.000.
15. The remote control and the charger are always included in the delivery.


Tennis Coach Patrick Bednarek from Tennis Mastery presents various aspects of the MSV PlayTec Tennis Ballmachine(German language, Please click on link or picture): 



The following video shows the lob function.


The following vodeo shows spin, normal and slice shots.



We only ship MSV ball machines within Germany and Austria to ensure a proper repair service.


EC Declaration of Conformity according to EC to EC Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and 2006/42/EC
We, Mauve Sports-MSV oHG, herewith declare, that the following described material with the appropriate basic safety and health requirements of the EC Directive based on the design and type as brought into circulation by us.
Machine Description: Tennis Ball Machine
MSV Tennis Ball Machine PlayTec V 160
Applicable Harmonized EC Standards: EN 292-1,-2; EN 60204-1; EN 55014; EN 550082-!
Applicable EC Directives: Machinery Directive: 89/392/EEC
EMC Directives 89/336/EEC Low Voltage Directive 72/23/EEC
Applicable national Standards and other Specification.

Company Name: 
Mauve Sports-MSV oHG
In der Lüh 24
D-53506 Hönningen / Germany

13 February 2018

PDF files

MSV PlayTec Anleitung 2022.03.01.pdf

MSV PlayTec Anleitung ENGL 2021.06.22.pdf

Item # 4455
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