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If you're looking for a tennis partner that
will sharpen your skills, build your
confidence, and raise the level of your
game, you've just met your match. Tennis
Tutor is portable enough to take anywhere,
yet powerful enough to challenge even
top-level players. In fact, Tennis Tutor is
used by tennis pros at the Association of
Tennis Professionals (ATP) Training Center
in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.


Tennis Tutor's patented technology,
combined with over a decade of
experience and refinement, have made
Tennis Tutor #1 worldwide.

Tennis Tutor features counter-rotating
wheel operation and an electronic control
panel which gives you fingertip control of
ball speed, trajectory, and ball feed rate
(the time interval between ball throws). Ball
speed ranges from a gentle toss for
children to world-class speed. Ball
trajectory can be set anywhere between
groundstroke and lob, while ball feed rate
adjusts anywhere from 1-1/2 to 12 seconds.

You can set Tennis Tutor to repeat shots
you need to practice, or to oscillate and
direct shots randomly across the court.

Tennis Tutor also features an exclusive
anti-jam ball feeding mechanism, and a
10-second start-up time delay to give you
time to get to your side of the net.


Tennis Tutor is truly portable,
measuring only 12 inches tall
when the ball hopper is
folded down for transport.
And with the towing handle
extended, it tows just like

When you get to the court, the ball hopper
opens in seconds to hold 150 balls, which
is more than two standard pick-up baskets
full of balls.

Tennis Tutor comes standard with a
built-in heavy duty rechargeable battery
that can deliver up to six hours of playing time,
so there's little need for extra batteries. But
if you do want more battery life there is an
optional External Battery Pack (see

Tennis Tutor has a built-in battery charge
indicator, and it even politely beeps when
there is only one-half hour of battery
charge left. And of course, Tennis Tutor
comes complete with a plug-in charging
unit that fully charges the battery


Tennis Tutor Plus includes all the features
of the standard Tennis Tutor, plus adds
topspin and underspin capability. A simple
dial controls the amount of topspin or
underspin you desire. The Tennis Tutor
Plus measures about eight inches taller
than the standard Tennis Tutor.

Tennis Tutor Plus is the only portable
ball machine in the world which displays
the Elevation setting on the control panel.

A simple 10-segment display shows the
elevation setting so you can set it to your
favorite spot before firing any balls.

Two Function Remote. Tennis Tutor
and Tennis Tutor Plus are both available
with a built-in, two-function wireless
remote control. The remote unit lets
you start and stop ball delivery, and
control the side-to-side position of
the ball throws.
Two Line Function. Both are also
available with a 2-line function that
automatically shoots to two preset
court positions. This feature allows you
to practice alternating forehand and
backhand shots, or allows an instructor
to automatically shoot to two lines of
students. There are two 2-line settings
to select from,'2-line narrow' and
'2-line wide' for added versatililty.

Oscillator Switch with 2-line feature

Tennis Tutor Plus - Player Model

With the push of just one button,
the Player model (Patent-Pending) simulates a player on
the other side of the net. Just push either
the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
buttons, and the Player model automatically
picks an appropriate speed and spin,
then changes both the side-to-side position
and the depth of shots just like you
were playing someone of that ability. The side-to-side position
and depth of each shot are not simply
changed in a random or sweeping motion,
but are computer programmed to simulate
the shot patterns of real players.

For instance, beginning players will see more
shots towards the middle of the court and
more variation in depth of shots than will
advanced players. And you are not stuck
with only the standard settings, you can
customize the settings by adding or
subtracting more speed, spin, or
elevation as you like.
The Player model also contains all the
features of the Tennis Tutor Plus, including
the dual two-line feature, conveniently available
on an easy-to-use touch overlay control panel.
The two-function wireless remote control is optional.

All Tennis Tutor models can be ordered
with AC power instead of battery power for
a nominal additional charge.


External Battery Pack. The External Battery Pack
plugs into the battery charge jack to provide
up to four additional hours of playing
time. It includes a rugged carrying case
with strap, and its own Smart Charger.

Smart Charger. The Smart Charger
automatically shuts off when charging
is complete, so there in no
possibility of overcharging.

Smart /Fast Charger. The Smart/Fast Charger
recharges the battery three times faster
than the regular charger, and automatically
shuts off when charging is complete so
there is no possibility of overcharging.

External AC Power Supply.
If you have an AC outlet on the tennis court
this option will allow you to plug the machine
into the outlet. Please note that the battery
must be fully charged to use the External AC
Power Supply.

Protective Cover. Custom-fit cover protects
your Tennis Tutor from dust and moisture.



With the push of just one button,
the Player model (Patent-Pending) simulates a player on
the other side of the net.

The machines look from outside very similar, you have therefore to open the Data specification in Details



The Multi-function Remote controls all functions of the Tennis Tutor Player Plus just like you were using the actual control panel. In fact, the layout of the buttons on the Multi-function remote is the same as the layout of the buttons on the machine’s control panel, so there is nothing new to learn. And each time you press a button on the
Multi-function Remote your Tennis Tutor will beep to let you know
it received the signal.

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