MSV Co Focus Tennis String 200m 1,23mm black

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Eine Co-Polyester Saite mit einer sehr hohen Spielerzufriedenheit

Ideal for Club and Tour-Players with a powerful groundstroke looking for a very high level of spin potential, control, durability and tension maintenance.

25% less tension loss in comparison to well-known strings of competitive brands (based on data of TW University; June 2019)

Results of the Stringingpedia test (1.27mm): spin 95/100 points, static tension stability 90/100 pts, control 85/100 pts. Conclusion: "The MSV Co Focus 1,27mm is a serious choice for competitive players looking for a string with an optimal combination of power, control, spin production and durability." Source:

88% player satisfaction (133 ratings on, status: August 2019): Rating: 'Comfortable, lively, precise'

In a scientific study the Danish university of Aalborg identifies the MSV Co Focus as the only string with a significantly higher spin potential than all other tested strings (2015).

Made from same material like highly rated MSV Focus Hex ® but with round shape.

The great characteristics of the MSV Co Focus are based on a unique material-mix which is the result of long-standing research and development.

Item # 4083
Provider MSV
Size of box 200 m
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