MSV Focus HEX® Plus 38 Tennis String 12m 1,20mm red

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Much Power. Top arm-friendly

Ideal for players using a stiff racquet frame and/or looking for a very comfortable and arm-friendly string with enhanced spin potential.

Softest among all MSV-Co-Polyester strings. 38 % more elastic vs. MSV Focus Hex®. High-performance co-polyester.

Hexagonal shape and strong snap-back effect for great spin potential. Highest spin potenial among very soft strings (source: Tennis Warehouse University).

Recommended string tension for 1.25mm version: 22 to 26 kg (48.5 to 57.3 lbs)



Played by Petra Krejsova (WTA Best 221) and many other great players.

Item # 7054
Provider MSV
Size of box 12 m

Die MSV Focus-HEX® Gruppe kann man in vier Kategorien nach ihrer Elastizität einteilen. Wenn wir die MSV Focus-HEX® 1,23mm mit 100% ansetzen, dann ist die neue Saite MSV Focus-HEX®Plus 38 1,25mm 38% elastischer.


The tennis string group MSV Focus-HEX® can be divided into four strings according their elongation (elasticity), in other words the

MSV Focus-HEX®Plus 38 is 38 % more elastic than the MSV Focus-HEX® 1,23mm.



MSV Focus-HEX® 1,23mm             =        100%


MSV Focus-HEX®SOFT 1,25mm             108%

1,15mm in black and sky blue

1,20mm in black and yellow

1,25mm in black and red

1,30mm in white


MSV Focus-HEX®Plus 25 1,25mm          125%

1,20mm in black

1,25mm in black


MSV Focus-HEX®Plus 38 1,25mm          138%

1,15mm in black, red and white

1,20mm in black, red and white

1,25mm in black, red and white

1,30mm in white


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