MSV Focus HEX® Soft Tennis String 12m (special discount for 1.30mm White)

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Excellent balance between control and power

Ideal for advanced players looking for an excellent balance between control and power combined with exceptional spin potential.

8% more elastic vs. MSV Focus Hex®

Hexagonal shape and strong snap-back effect for great spin potential.

High-Tech additives for excellent control, durability and tension stability.

Not all 5 colours are available in all diameter variants.

The MSV MSV Focus HEx Soft 1.20 string and 10 other edged monofil strings were tested for 10 weeks by 18 players of the German tennisMAGAZIN  and the (issue 10/2019). 

Here are the highlights:

  • Overall Rating: GOOD
  • #2 Overall
  • #1 Value for Money
  • #2 Power
  • #2 Control
  • #2 Touch
  • #2 Spin

Conclusion: "For base line players with advanced technique, playing with a lot of spin. Super value for money!"

Results of Stringingpedia lab test (1.25mm): Source:

  • Control: 100%
  • Spin: 95%
  • Resilience Peak: 90%  

Results of Tennis Warehouse University testing (80 strings in 1.25mm tested, status: August 2019):

  • #2 energy return
  • 33% less tension loss vs. average
  • 31% more spin potential vs average

Played by Alexis Klegou (ATP #633/441), Oleksandra Oliynykova (WTA #682) and Laura Pous (former WTA #72)



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