MSV Focus HEX® Tennis String 200m 1,18mm red

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Eine Co-Polyester Saite mit einer sehr hoher Spielerzufriedenheit

Ideal for Club- or Tournament-Players with a powerful groundstroke

Hexagonal shape and strong snap-back effect for great spin potential

High-Tech additives for excellent control, durability and tension stability

Our best-seller. 2,000,000 strings sold.

Results of Tennis Warehouse University (1.18mm) (status August 2019; 9 strings tested):

  • #1 tension maintenance
  • #1 spin potential
  • #2 energy return
  • Durability score: 93%
  • Control - Score: 85%
  • Touch - Score: 85%

Results of Stringingpedia lab test (1.23mm): Control: 100/100 points / Spin: 95/100 points   Source:

MSV FOCUS-HEX® 1,23mm was awarded String of the Year multiple times by the leading tennis string community ( This string was winner of the following poly categories: durability, spin and tension maintenance. It is the third most rated string ever amongst 2,129 rated strings (MSV did not perform any kind of promotion activity).

92% satisfaction (source:, 415 ratings for all diameters; status: August 2019).


30 playtesters of the European Racquet Stringers Association (ERSA) tested the MSV Focus-Hex 1,18 for five weeks. Conclusion: “The strength of Focus Hex comes from its excellent control and no real weaknesses. The price/quality ratio is one of the best on the market. It is no wonder the strings are very popular.” The full report can be downloaded as PDF file (see above).




Played by many top players like: Katarzyna Kawa (WTA # 128), Elitsa Kostova (WTA # 130), Marek Jaloviec (ATP # 244), Scott Duncan (ATP Doubles # 424)... and many more great players around the globe.







Please find our general stringing recommendation here:


PDF files

ERSA Testbericht MSV Focus-Hex 1,18 Juli 2016 k.pdf

MSV Focus Hex.pdf

Item # 4863
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