MSV Hepta Twist Tennis String 200m 1,30mm white

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Highly rated spin string

Ideal for players looking for a maximum of spin potential and power.

Heptagonal, twisted co-poly string for highest level of spin potential.

Made from elastic co-polyester material

#1 string in power and tension stability during play (Playtest of spin strings 2014 by German tennisMAGAZIN). #2 string in spin potential. Overall rating: GOOD.

Achieves an extra ordinary satisfaction score of 93% among players of the leading tennis string community (; 68 ratings; status August 2019).

Results of Stringingpedia lab test (1.25mm): Spin: 95/100 points / Power: 90/100 points / static tension maintenance: 85/100 points    source:

My Tennis blog’s string test reinforces the excellent performance of the string. It achieves rank # 2 ahead of well known competitive brands. Video in German:



Played by Jason und Adam Taylor (ATP Doubles #335) and many more top players

Item # 3740
Provider MSV
Size of box 200 m
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