MSV MINISTT Electronic Tension Measuring Device

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It is in the (tennis) bag.

The MSV Mini STT helps you decide when you should put on a new string. 

Simply measure the tension hardness when your racket has been restringed. The MSV MINISTT stores the value. After e.g. 10 hours of play, you measure again and have the current value. Compare this with the stored value, which is displayed after pressing the MEMO button. If the difference is more than two kilos, you should consider a new stringing. Two kilograms less surface hardness will significantly extend the flight path of your ball.

Important to know :The string bed tension measured by the MSV MINI STT (as well as all other string bed tension meters) is not directly comparable to the reference values of the stringing machines. The Mini STT is therefore not suitable for checking whether a racket has been correctly strung. And a tension loss of up to 15% directly after stringing and another 15% after the first game is quite normal. There are a few tennis rackets with frame characteristics that make precise measurement difficult or impossible.

How does the MSV MINISTT work? You attach the MSV MINISTT to the string bed. By tapping the frame with your finger, you make the stringbed vibrate. The resonance frequency is translated into the tension hardness. This is digitally displayed exactly in kiloponds (almost exactly equivalent to kilograms). Measuring range from 17 to 35 Kp (37 lbs to 77 lbs).

The MSV MINISTT is a must for all Racquet Service Technicians and ambitious tennis players.

2 button-cell-batteries (1.5 Volt) deliver about 4,000 measurements or cover a 16 months period. The device is always on. That is why we insert the batteries just before shipping.

Dunlop Slazenger confirms the reliability of the MiniSTT. Here is the letter from Dunlop.

Used by Holger Rune (ATP High # 7), Fanny Stollar (WTA High Singles #114 / Doubles #67), Anna Bondar (WTA High Singles 193 / Doubles 253) 

Seize: 50x60x35 mm, incl. 2 x 1.5 V batteries


PDF files

Bi Lingual Operating Instruction 2023.01.31.pdf

Dunlop about reliability of MSV MiniSTT.pdf

Item # 1547
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