MSV Soft Touch 200m natural

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#1 Value for Money (Multifilament String Play-Test of German tennisMAGAZIN 2017)

1,470 high modulus polyamide (PA 66) multifilament twisted and bonded together with a soft polyurethane resin.

A high performance multifilament string which provides superior resiliency and maximum power with excellent arm friendly feel.

For players looking for a high level of playability, superior feel with maximum power.

17 play-testers of the German tennisMAGAZIN concluded by saying that MSV Soft Touch is the winner in terms of value for money among eight other multifil Nylon strings (Oct 2017).

They confirm a great touch and that it is very arm-friendly.


Item # 3273999
Provider MSV
Size of box 200 m
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